Is social media a bad thing?

photo-132For a long time I resisted social media. I mean until a few months ago I didn’t even know what Instagram was. And yes, I had heard of Twitter but I had no idea what it really was or how on earth it worked. Basically I was totally against social media. I thought it was a very bad thing. So what’s changed?

A few months ago I came to a realisation. Yes, its true social media can and is being used in a very unhealthy way. And yes it has totally overtaken the old ways of doing things, but this is the way the world has gone and whether we like it or not it is defiantly here to stay for a while.

So I started to think about how social media can be used to benefit the world in which we live in and I have now discovered some very positive ways it can help. I realized that if we use social media in the right way it can be a very wonderful thing indeed.

1) Getting your message out there…

We can use social media to present ideas about important issues that are close to our hearts. Positive changes can happen more quickly and it is easier for your message to be seen by many. This is extremely useful for fundraising or raising awareness and support. 

2) Inspiring others…

When bloggers post things that are positive and inspire other people, social media is being used in a very good way. Its so rewarding to be able to inspire others and I have found this to be one of the main drivers for creating new posts or content. Its great when people interact with what you are saying and new connections are made with like minded people. 

3) Learning and being inspired…

Since starting to explore blogs in the last few months I have really enjoyed reading other peoples tips on topics such as heath, yoga and food. I have found bloggers to be an amazing network of people who share information on things they feel passionate about and all in all there is so much to read, learn and be inspired by. Gaining knowledge from peers we can relate to feels more honest and valuable than reading articles that are actually adverts!

I have come to realise blogging is very powerful and when used in the right way it can be very positive indeed. A lot of people can read what you have to say. In fact there is a lot of responsibility when blogging, a big responsibility to make sure that what we are sharing with others does in fact benefit the people around us and the world, otherwise we are wasting a good chance to make a positive change and contribute in a good and meaningful way.

Yes, I believe we can use social media positively but its up to us to write about things that have a positive affect on people. 

Seeing as social media is going to be sticking around, lets use it to our advantage and make our online world as positive as it can be.


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