How a broken camera was responsible for the majority of my paintings

Whilst I was in India and Nepal for some strange reason my camera kept breaking. Originally I thought this was a hindrance, but when I got back to London I realised this was the biggest blessing of my whole trip.

As I didn’t have a camera I had to capture all the places I was experiencing with a quick sketch, hoping that when I looked at this sketch again I would remember in my mind what it felt like to be in each place I had visited.

Whenever I reached a place I wanted to remember, out would come my pen and very quickly I would start sketching the buildings, landscapes and people so that I would carry a sense of the place with me in my little bag.

Whilst I would be drawing I actually remember thinking to myself how much more I was able to see a place when I took the time to stop and sketch it. Taking note of the beautiful buildings, drawing the wonderful curves of the arches and patterns of the bricks.

So, surprisingly I was blessed by not having a camera as I was forced to take the time to sit down and study the rare beauty of the places I was visiting. It was because of this broken camera that I had so much material to come back to London with and start making all of my Indian inspired paintings.

Here are some photos of my sketch books and diary’s whilst in India, they include some photos I took whilst my camera still worked!

To view the paintings I went on to create based on these sketches click here




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