Why Nepal has a special place in my heart


My experience in Nepal was quite amazing and unique to me and my journey.

My experience started when I was on the plane coming over from India and I met these amazing people. This one lady in particular invited me back to her house and let me stay there for the next few days. They were a really wonderful open hearted family. When I arrived in Nepal I could almost feel myself relax as I left the chaos of India. One security guard actually looked at me and said “ its ok you’re in Nepal now” as I left the plane.

In the airport I hadn’t even been though the passport control as they let me go and leave the airport to get more money out to pay the visa charge. I left my bag and accordion with the police at passport control and they very calmly let me leave the airport with my passport to go withdraw my money.

When I was there I had some amazing experiences. I was volunteering in a school in the east of Nepal and I was the only westerner there. I had many strange experiences including taking two of the younger orphans to the local prison to see their mothers and then began our meeting with a feast that the female inmates had made. At one point I had to repeat a rendition of ‘the cups” for 200 Nepali children and parents and a very isolated village near the border of China.

Like a lot of people who have traveled in Nepal, I have many stories. This country offered me so much love and warmth. Every person was so giving and kind. The country has a special soul, a soul which is unique and forgiving.


Tasha x


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