Why I chose to exhibit my latest collection in a cafe

So, a lot of people have asked me why I chose to put up lots of my paintings and watercolours in a bustling London café instead of a gallery.

photo 1It’s an interesting question and when I start to think about I realise why I am drawn to that environment. 

Firstly, I like the fact that the paintings are surrounded by a variety of experiences. In this particular space  people are eating and drinking and I like the fact the paintings are sharing a space  with these experiences. 

The second reason is that people are often in a café or restaurant for a while which allows for more time to take in the paintings and photo 3watercolours. They can keep peaking and looking at each piece of work. 

I like the fact the paintings start to become the scenery around the space.

I have noticed in the café that the way the paintings look changes as the people sitting underneath the canvases change. Its very interesting to observe life happening around the paintings.

Like most things, paintings give off an energy photo 2and a resonance. When my paintings are somewhere for a long time, the paintings seem to stick in people’s minds for longer and the bright colourful essence is more likely to seep into the heart of the observer.

Click here to view the artwork from the collection currently exhibited at TRADE, E1



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