Why I started teaching Yoga

29553_10151395439888777_957631863_nWhen I signed up to do a yoga teacher training In India I didn’t really expect that I would then go back to London and actually start teaching my own classes.

Originally when I signed up for the Yoga Teacher Training and Thai massage course, it was because I wanted to develop a deeper understanding of my body and a deepen connection to my yoga practice. I also really wanted to develop my own self practice so that I could become my own teacher and gain some independence and practice anywhere in the world.

I was traveling a lot at the time and I was not in one place for more then a few months at most so having a regular yoga teacher  at the time was impossible. However, I knew that I need to practice yoga every day to bring me back to my home and to allow me to feel comfortable in my own skin. I found that in doing my practice it didn’t matter where in the world I was. It brought me back to myself.

So having realized that my self practice was of upmost importance to me I decided to study further by taking a Yoga Teacher Training course to really help develop this for myself.

During my yoga teacher training a few things became very obvious to me. 

Firstly, I became aware that teaching yoga was like a practice in its self. It was a totally different experience and after teaching I felt so present and grounded. I found that if I just started to trust in myself and let the words come out of me then it was almost like I didn’t need to try. The less I worried about my class and the less I stepped out of the way of what I thought was right and just let it unfold in its own way the better it was.

The next thing that I realized was that when I was teaching I learnt so much more when I was able to share what I knew. Like anything really, when you teach something it consolidates it in your mind and brings it deeper into your understanding.

I have had a lot of injuries in my life, I have had a big car crash which caused my body to be really uncomfortable. I have had a lot of physical difficulties to overcome and with yoga I have been able to shift some of the discomfort. At first I thought that this would be a disadvantage when teaching but as I started to teach I realized this has been the biggest gift I could have possibly had, because I have been through so much with my body. I KNOW what it feels like not to feel good in your boy. I found it was very easy for me to relate to beginners and people who don’t feel good in their body and in fact I was able to sympathise with them more.


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