4 tips for starting your own creative small business

photo-122After year and a half of hard work selling paintings, having exhibitions, selling watercolours and making cards, I have come to notice a few tips that really help when starting your own small creative business. Here are some things I have leant along the way which have really helped me. I hope these might help you as well!

1)Trust your own instincts
One of the key things I have noticed since setting up my own business is that I really need to trust myself and my judgment.

Even when something seems completely illogical and strange, when I trust my judgment everything always works out OK. Often a lot of people want to advise you and tell you what they think you should be doing but it’s really important to listen to your gut and if something inside is telling you YES, go for it. If something is telling you NO, not now, then listen to that. It does sound simple but if you often find yourself in situations where you are taking advice from a whole load of people then maybe you just need to listen to yourself.

2)Jump at every opportunity
The second thing that I have learnt is that it’s really great to try and take up as many opportunities as possible as you never know where something will lead. Even if something seems like it might not be the best opportunity, perhaps there isn’t much money involved or it might not be the most lucrative thing for you do, its best just to do it as you never know who you will meet or how it may help you in the long run.

3)Try out all of your ideas
I think that its great to try out all the ideas you have, regardless of the likelihood that the ideas will actually work. For example I had no clue selling cards was going to be a good line of business I just had the idea to make cards one day and thought; ‘I’ll just see what happens’. Its these little ideas that can lead to wonderful things.

4)Share ideas with other creative people around you
Some of the best experiences I have had over the last year have come from conversations with other creative people around me. I am lucky because I work in a massive shared co-working space but even so it’s amazing how fluidly ideas can present themselves when talking to someone else. It’s so interesting to see how other people are realising their creative projects and what business tricks they use. I am grateful that I have been around loads of inspiring people as there is always something you can learn from someone!

If you are interested in checking out my portfolio or the greeting cards and watercolours I currently have for sale click here.


2 thoughts on “4 tips for starting your own creative small business

  1. steveworksforsteve says:

    Are there many people still in your life who don’t take your endeavour seriously?I find that launching my businesses (service-oriented, light on the creative side) has been tough because I have not built up a good support network. How much “believing in yourself” got you through this versus “others believing in you”?


    • artbynatashajade says:

      I think it’s a combination. I know its very important to trust my own judgment yet I wouldn’t have been able to come this far without the support of my family and friends who have been key in helping me build confidence in myself!

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