Buildings which have had a lasting impression on me as an artist

It has become obvious that I have an innate love of architecture and buildings. Throughout my life I have traveled to many places where I have been overwhelmed by the extraordinary buildings I have seen on my travels, some being extremely famous and others less well  known.

These particular buildings have caught my attention and left a lasting imprint in my mind. Here are a few that made a very strong impression to me as an Artist:

1) The Huddervasser house,  Austria –  an apartment house in Vienna, Austria, built after the idea and concept of Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser with architect Joseph Krawina as a co-author. This expressionist landmark of Vienna is located in the Landstraße district on the corner of Kegelgasse and Löwengasse.


2) Gaudi House – Barcelona – The complex is composed of two buildings linked by a common monumental cast iron gate adorned with Art Nouveau vegetal fantasies and a medallion with the “G” of Güell. 


3) The Jodhpur Fort, India – This building completely blew my mind. With its grand nature, sitting right on top of a hill looking over the blue town of Jodhpur, the fort itself is magnificent, with beautiful arches and the most wonderful paintings inside. This is where I fist saw the collection of work ‘Garden and Cosmos’. A beautiful collection of Indian Miniature Paintings which are inspired by nature’s connection to the infinite. 





Garden and Cosmos


4) Neot Smadar, Isreal. This building took 17 years to build and is possibly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Situated in the middle of the desert this building is completely energy efficient running on the power of the wind.


I hope you have found these pictures of buildings inspiring, if you would like to see some of my artwork, inspired by buildings from around the world, click here.


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