What is Thai Massage?

thai_massage_1As well as working as an artist I also practice Thai massage. The massage feeds the creative process as it is a very grounding and balancing force that in turn compliments and inspires my artistic creativity.  

For me the practice of Thai massage is an art in itself. It is a dance between two people, the giver and the receiver. Thai massage is a practice that works with the energy lines and main meridians down the body. Through a full body Thai massage we start unblocking the energy channels, and then work the body through yoga poses, consequently freeing up and releasing the whole body. Thai massage is regularly called ‘lazy man’s yoga.’

thai_massage_2Through opening the energy channels in the body, the body is then released and pain can be relieved in all different areas of the body. It is wonderful how working with different parts of the body can help release tension in other areas. Consequently as a result of shifted energy many people feel more creatively inspired after a Thai massage.

Thai massage is great if you are feeling out of touch with your body. The massage wakes up the body, consequently regulating many of the systems in the body. Activating the different energy channels in the body creates a sense of spaciousness which clears the head of stress and brings more clarity to the mind.

If you are interested in booking me for a massage please contact me via email – artbynatashajade@gmail.com



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