Artists who have inspired me – Niki De Saint Phalle

In this series of posts I will be talking about a few artists who have really inspired me throughout my life.

There are many artists that I love and admire but like most people I have a few who just really speak to my heart. Those whose artwork makes my whole body come alive, filling my being with inspiration and wonder.

It’s a wonderful thing to be really inspired by someone else’s work. It makes me think about my own work and not only how I want to improve it but also makes me see my potential and encourages me to go out there and create, experiment and go to places I have not been to before.

One artist who has had a massive effect on my life both professionally and personally has been Niki De Saint Phalle.

My relationship with this artist started very early. We have a family home hidden away in the Tuscan Hills where oddly enough about half an hour away Niki de saint Phalle has her own sculpture park.


The park is a tarot cards garden where Niki created many sculptural pieces as her interpretation of each card in the Tarot.

I was familiar with this park from the age of about 10 and used to get lost among all the wonderful colourful sculptures, spending hours looking at the intricate details. Every year we would go back to this same park and I would again immerse myself in the magic of this place and find something new and inspiring hidden within each time.




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