Breakfast – our favourite healthy recipes!

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One of my most favourite things in the world is breakfast. After I have finished my yoga practice in the morning and come back home I reach the highlight of my day… breakfast!

I noticed a lot of positive changes in my life when I started to eat a good breakfast. Firstly, I was not so hungry during the day which resulted in less snacking as I would be sustained until lunchtime.

Secondly, I had enough energy for the whole morning which would mean my concentration would be a lot better.

Thirdly, I was thinking about food less during the day which allowed me to focus more on the days tasks.

So I thought me and my lovely social media manager, Jess who is also a big fan of proper healthy breakfasts would share a few of our favourite recipes:

1) Eggs, avocado and gluten free toast

So this is currently number one in my eyes! I just can’t get enough of this breakfast.

First boil two eggs, and then spread some avocado on your toast . When your eggs are as you like them peel off the shell and add them to the top of your toast, add a pinch of salt (I use himalayan salt), olive oil and then top it with some broccoli or spinach!! This is the super breakfast..

2) Turmeric Juice

A wonderful recipe to go with any breakfast is turmeric juice. It’s extremely good for you and really good preventative medicine. It’s a great anti – inflammatory and good for overall brain health.

Peel 5cm of raw turmeric root, boil in 1 -2 litres of clean pure water for around 20 mins. Wait for it to cool for 10 – 20 mins, blend all the water and root with 1 squeezed lime and 1 -2 table spoons of Manuka honey, adjust lime and honey to taste. Any juice that you don’t drink right away can be bottled and kept refrigerated for later!

3) Super Porridge – This is my favourite type of porridge

First cook the oats in almond milk and water and then add a table spoon of coconut oil and one tablespoon of maca. At the very end, chop up half a banana and stir it in. Put the porridge is in your chosen bowl, and add some chopped dates, almonds and maybe some raw coconut flakes! If I’m feeling extra extravagant I add blueberries and raspberries and sprinkle cacao powder to the top!

4) Jess’s Creamy Coconut Porridge her favourite porridge!

Allow half a cup of oats per person and one cup of water. Open a tin of coconut milk and add 2-3 tablespoons. Use the creamy bit at the top of  the tin and then put the rest in some tupperware for tomorrow or maybe a curry or stir fry later! Finely chop up a banana and add this at the beginning too as well as a pinch of good quality salt. The banana melts into the mix adding sweetness. Cook the porridge until creamy and thick! Take it off the heat and stir in one tablespoon of almond butter and top with fresh blueberries and flaked almonds or get creative and create your own topping! This is a super yummy, creamy porridge and I literally can’t get enough of it!

We hope you enjoy this post, please feel free to share your favourite breakfast recipes below! Look out for more instalments coming up including a healthy sweets post we are planning!


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