How to build an online presence from scratch – Part 2


This is part 2 of my series on building an online prescence from scratch. For part 1 click here!

Two months ago I had pretty much no presence online. I had a good website but no where near enough people were looking at it! Now I have a growing following on my blog (thanks guys!), Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles. It’s still really early days but I have noticed a massive difference since shifting my focus towards growing my online presence and now people are reading my posts and looking at my website!

If you’re like me and you want to kick start your creative business and get noticed online then here some more tips and tricks which have helped me get started. 


Sometimes images carry your message stronger than words. Upload images to go with your tweets and Facebook posts and they will instantly make more of an impact!


If you are sharing links within your tweets then make sure you shorten your links with so you don’t use up all of your characters! Interact with others through mentions and retweets!


If you have a website, use google analytics to track visitors. If you have a blog then WordPress has great tools for keeping an eye on how many people are visiting your blog and what they are reading. Make use of this feedback and give people what they want! Looking at referrals within google analytics is really useful as you can see which social media platforms are working best for you in terms of driving traffic to your site.


Ok so you’ve got people to your website or blog, now what do you want them to do!? Buy something, sign up to your mailing list, or contact you. Identify what you want them to do and then make it really easy for them to do it!

Get Techy and use a Scheduler!

Hootsuite is great if you don’t have free time every day as you can schedule your week’s posts in one hit. Their free account allows up to 3 social networks so you can manage 3 from one place! 

If you have any tips or any questions please comment below or email me here:!


2 thoughts on “How to build an online presence from scratch – Part 2

  1. Jeanine Colini says:

    Natasha, I really appreciate your work and ideas about the business side of art. I am on the verge of getting that online presence working so you are inspiring me by your example. Congratulations on your successes and for sharing with others! I saw your work on Instagram. Best wishes, Jeanine


    • artbynatashajade says:

      Hey Jeanine thank you so much for your comment I really appreciate your kind words. I’m so happy to know that how I do things has inspired you do get the business side of your art going to! All the best, Natasha XX


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