7 Tips for Improving your Quality of Sleep

photo-110Throughout university I had the most difficult time sleeping. I would have panic attacks in my sleep which would make me extremely anxious at night and throughout the next day. I would easily wake and become startled. I was definitely not resting and restoring my body.

My life style started to change and I began practicing more and more yoga. I made various changes in the way I lived my life which resulted in me developing some habits which have been key to helping me sleep better.

I am going to share some very simple tips that I notice really make a MASSIVE difference to the quality of my sleep. These points may seem obvious but I guarantee that if you try sticking to a few of these for one week you will notice a difference.

Have a few hours away from the computer before bed

The first major change I made was when I stopped looking at my computer before bed. When I finish working at around 6:30pm I try to leave the computer for the day. I feel that if I look at the screen right up to the time I try to sleep then the quality of my sleep is much poorer.

Don’t watch TV just before bed time!

This second point is related to the first. When I watch a film before bed (especially on a computer screen) I notice the quality of my sleep is even more disturbed. The best way to counteract this if you do like watching TV/films close to bedtime is to sit for a few minutes and focus on your breath which helps clear your mind of all the images you have taken in whilst watching the TV.

Switch your phone onto flight mode at night

I always turn my phone onto flight mode or switch it off altogether when I go to sleep. This is for two main reasons. The first is that 4G is really REALLY bad for us, when we are sleeping we are very sensitive to what is around us so it’s much MUCH better for us to limit the amount of wireless networks buzzing around our heads as much as possible. The second is that turning your phones off allows you to actually switch off. It means you are saying; ‘I am not going to answer my phone, I am not going to read that text or Facebook notification’. If it rings or flashes its impossible for the brain not to worry about who it is which results in us becoming anxious about the nature of the phone call or message.

Leave at least two hours between eating and sleeping

Another thing that’s really helped the quality of my sleep is not eating anything two hours before bed whenever possible. I just drink lots of water. This means that when we are sleeping our body is not using the energy to digest food and instead it can wind down and let our whole body and mind rest.

A little meditation before bed

The next thing I have found to have amazing effects on helping me sleep better is a 15 minute meditation before bed. Just 15 minuets of clearing the head and focusing the mind can help you decode ,giving you a chance to draw a line under the day and transition into rest.

A tidy space

I know this sounds obvious but really clearing the space you sleep in before bed can have such a good effect on the way you sleep, and when you wake up you’ll have a tidy organised space to get ready in!

Write a list of everything you need to do the next day on a piece of paper before you sleep!

My last point is really helpful if you become anxious about the day ahead and that is what prevents you sleeping. Try writing a list before bed of all the things that you need to do the next day. This allows you to clear your heard of all of the things you need to do so that you are not trying to remember them all night.

I hope you find these tips to be useful, it can be hard to make all of these changes at once so my advice would be to pick two and try implementing them for a week and I am almost certain you will notice a difference.

Let me know how you get on and please share more tips and feedback below.

All the best,

Tasha x


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