The importance of Intention and Dedication in yoga practice


At  the beginning of every yoga practice I believe it is very important to set an intention or a dedication. I make sure I do this at the beginning of my practice every morning and set one for every class I teach.

It’s important for me to give my practice a meaning that’s bigger than just myself. When I set an intention or a dedication I am giving a focus to my practice that is for the greater good.

 When I set an intention I always think of a positive affirmation. For example, some positive affirmations that I use are ‘I am abundant’. ‘I am full of love’. ‘ I am full of Joy’ or ‘I am calm’. I set my intention in the present moment. I feel that if I set my intention for the future, that is where it always will be – in the future.

 I always dedicate my practice every morning to someone else. Maybe this is some on that I love, maybe this is someone that is unwell and needs the energy of the practice or maybe someone that is just having a bad time at the moment. However, where I have really noticed this take effect is when I offer up my practice to someone I am having difficulties with. Maybe some one I am in a disagreements with or some one that is annoying me or who I am a little angry with. When I offer up my practice to this person in particular I notice a massive shift in my thought patterns affecting my thoughts about this person after the practice. I notice I am more compassionate to their situation and all together  less angry. 

Seriously it is a wonderful l thing to use dedications in yoga practice. Next time you are in a tricky situation with a certain person try offering up your practice to them and just see what happens.


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