How to build an online presence from Scratch – Part 1

photo-104Two months ago I had pretty much no presence online. I had a good website but no where near enough people were looking at it! Now I have a growing following on my blog (thanks guys!), Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles. It’s still early days but I have noticed a massive difference since shifting my focus towards growing my online presence and now people are reading my posts and looking at my website!

If you’re like me and you want to kick start your creative business and get noticed online then here are a few tips which have worked for me!

Try and be consistent with your posts, if you have a blog, set a frequency target such as two posts per week and stick to it. That way your audience knows what to expect and you have set yourself a weekly target! For Instagram I would recommend posting daily, especially initially. Make sure the photos are good and fit with the identity of you or your brand but don’t be afraid to think outside the box, even if it seems off topic.

Find people to Follow
Initially you can follow people within your network but after that you need to find people who are likely to like your brand or product and get them to follow you. To find them you can use keyword searches. Instagram has a good hashtag search feature, you use hashtags to find people who are posting images related to your brand or creative business and start interacting with them! Like their posts, comment on some pictures and follow them, lots of the people you interact with will follow you back too!

Don’t be afraid to tag your blog posts! The more relevant tags you use, the more likely new people are to stumble across your blog and then hopefully visit your website, buy your product or whatever it is you want them to do! Use geographical tags (i.e East London), and relevant tags relating to the content of the blog and your brand.

On Instagram, use hashtags every time you post pictures, this will help new people find you. If you don’t want to appear ‘spammy’ then integrate them into the description for the photo (i.e Beautiful #sunnyday in #London today).

If you have any tips or any questions please comment below or email me here: Check out part 2 for tips on Twitter, scheduling and capturing your audience!

Tasha x


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