What are the benefits of eating a sugar and gluten free diet?

TashamealA lot of people think I am crazy because I have a sugar, dairy and gluten free diet. It is definitely the diet that works best for me. From a very young age it became clear that I suffered from some form of ADHD and dyspraxia, Now you would never know and I am confident this is due to my gluten free diet!

Apart from everything else, eating a gluten, sugar and dairy free diet just makes me feel a lot less ‘foggy’. Since not eating gluten I have noticed the massive positive effect it has had on my ability to concentrate and focus.

I generally believe the gluten we were eating over 100 years ago iss so different to the gluten we eat today. Now it’s so over processed, especially wheat which is highly manufactured. I believe that most people who are sensitive to gluten are allergic to the altered, modern version of gluten rather than the grain itself, which explains the recent rise in the number of people suffering from gluten sensitivity.

We have over processed our food so much that some bodies like mine just say enough now, you cant eat this!

A very wise lady once said that you should use your hand as a guide for portion size. For every meal the amount of protein you eat should match the size of the palm of your hand, you should eat enough greens to cover the whole stretched out hand and enough carbohydrates to match the size of your clenched hand.

Once I started using this technique I  noticed such a difference in my eating habits. I’m not hungry in between meals and I’m not snacking at all. I’m also thinking about food less and I eat enough every day to carry out tasks and my body is working as it should. I have also noticed that with this method of eating I am craving sweet things much less. I feel full after every meal and I don’t need to eat until the next meal.

In my opinion sugar is a poison and so damaging to our bodies. Eating sugar plays havoc with your blood sugar levels causing them to sky rocket and then crash which then makes you crave more sugar! It is a vicious cycle. Sugar is in almost all processed food so a good way to avoid it is by cutting out processed food like ready meals. 

If you feel that you would be benefit from cutting out sugar or gluten, here are some tips I find really useful. They are pretty basic but believe me they make all the difference!

Eat a lot of protein for every meal. Really go for it! Fill up at breakfast and don’t be scared to eat too much, if you usually have one egg and are hungry a few hours later, try eating two.

Drink loads of water in between meals. I realised that in the past, I felt unwell because I was dehydrated more than anything. Try buying a bottle of water in the morning and keep it with you all day. Then if your like me and forget to drink, it’s an easier way to remind yourself!

I hope you found this useful and please get in touch if you are considering cutting out gluten or sugar, I’d be more than happy to help you with more tips!

Tasha x


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