Giving up partying and becoming T Total


About 2 and half years ago I completely stopped drinking, smoking and all other unhealthy toxic related activities!

Now, I have spoken to quite a lot of people who became T total over the years and yes it does seem that the way in which I became T total was quite rare. I didn’t slowly make the decision. I just gave up one day. It was like I had had enough of treating my body badly. The month before I gave up completely I was working in a festival crew, at times we would work at 7 festivals in a row, which seems ridiculous now! Endless partying, endless traveling and very little sleep.

A few weeks after I finished the season something inside me switched. It was like my body said enough is enough. That’s it. Since that day I have not drunk one coffee, smoked a cigarette or drank alcohol.

Now I know what you’re thinking… this girl is a complete bore but I can tell you now I have never been happier. For some people, drink just doesn’t agree with them.

In truth I actually felt depressed whenever I drank alcohol. I felt tired and I generally couldn’t stay up late enough to enjoy a party. I was a pathetic drunk. But it took me 3 years of intense university partying to realise that it wasn’t for me. To realise that without alcohol, my life was less boring, more exiting and more interesting!

Since I made that decision my life just seemed to fit into place. I noticed some changes very early on. I started to look better and lose weight. I could stay up later at parties and could generally really enjoy myself. If I wasn’t having a good time I would leave instead of drinking more. And my brain was clearer. I became more organised, more articulate and clearer in my mind.

Each and every person is completely different and I am aware that quitting everything is not the desire of more normal people! But Personally I don’t miss it all and I now fill my life with yoga, creativity and the people I love instead.

Tasha x

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