World Beyond Words: How Mathematics has Influenced me as an Artist


In a previous blog I have written about how yoga has influenced me as an artist. But, what is less commonly known is that Mathematics has had a very deep rooted effect on the way I have created my artwork.

At University I managed to get through three years of what in my opinion was pretty much close to hell on Earth. Every day for three years I spent my time solving equations for hours on end. In fact after a day of Maths I was almost unable to string a sentence together. It really forced me to live in an abstract world. I later came to find that this abstract world was similar to the world I now explore when creating a painting.

At University I once heard someone say that for them Mathematics was ’like an extension of language’. It allows for an expression that we could not tap into with our every day use of language. Utilising the power of Mathematics opens up a way of describing the world in a more abstract way. I find this is true also with Art. Art can communicate in a way that is less constrained by the limitations of language, much like Music and many other disciplines.

At University I trained my mind to become familiar with this world beyond words, diving deep into a language that was universal and beautiful. This is what I feel when I am creating a painting. Like Maths, Art is also universal, it doesn’t matter what your mother tongue is, looking at a piece of Art can evoke a feeling or a spark of inspiration that in my opinion sometimes cannot be described or imitated with words. The same is true with Mathematics, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, the same equation can be used and understood, opening up the door for communications without words.

With love, 

Tasha x


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