Is it possible to be business minded and creative?

One question that seems to come up all the time is do creativity and business mix? It is possible to be business minded and still have creative inspiration? How can you be a business woman and an Artist? I believe that business skills not only work in harmony with creativity, but that possessing or developing these skills can actually be beneficial to the creative mind.

I sometimes find it quite hard to finish tasks when I am solely working on the creative elements. If I am saturated by creative ideas I can become overwhelmed and then it can prove challenging to focus my mind on a specific task such as finishing a painting. However, since I started ArtByNatashaJade and concentrated on growing the business I have seen an amazing improvement in my approach to creativity. I am much more organised in what I do and much more focused. Now when I come up with new ideas, I make sure that the project or idea works in harmony with the business goals I have set. The result is I am growing and developing the business at a much faster rate!

Being a creative person as well as a business woman is so much fun because you can use your creative mind to think of ways to grow your business. Having a really creative and inspiring website, having an interesting and inspiring blog, having beautiful business cards and other marketing products. In fact being creative is probably the reason why some of the most successful businesses thrive. Creativity inspires change and a fresh outlook. In my opinion this is what helps a business grow and form.

So in answer to the question raised at the beginning, yes, business and creativity are a perfect fit.

Tasha x


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