How I went from Art to Maths and back again…



So, the way I became an artist is slightly unconventional to say the least. Without realising it, I have actually been an artist my whole life. As well as creating paintings at school, I used to doodle on everything that I owned, be that work books, pencil cases, back packs, even occasionally my own skin! I would create pictures out of sand, snow, wood shavings, matchsticks, what ever I could find. Yes, in fact I have always been an artist!

So I guess it comes as a bit of a surprise that in fact I studied Mathematics at university. When I was 18 I decided I didn’t want to go to art school but in fact wanted to study maths, something I felt I really could not learn anywhere else. I think its fair to say I did in fact find this degree rather challenging. Despite the degree not being particularly creative to say the least I definitely learnt many valuable skills in problem solving and logical thinking which definitely helped in the approach in my business. After doing a degree which was not particularly inspiring to me I am so determined to make a living out of doing something that stimulates me creatively and gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction.

I kind of stared working professionally by accident, it was never really planned. Throughout university I would often have commissions from family friends for a painting for this wall or that. Then after university I went to India and Nepal for a while. Whilst I was out there I was extremely inspired and had a few commissions left over from the summer before so I carried on painting and sending home pieces whilst on my travels.

When I came back to London I wasn’t really that sure what I was going to do so I decided to get a studio in Hackney and work with the material I had gathered from my trip to India. One thing lead to another and I continued selling work and receiving commissions one by one.

Once I moved into my studio in Hackney everything began to flow and I met wonderfully like minded creative individual who were all working really hard building their creative enterprises. In my studio, the atmosphere is really wonderful, everyone is out of the conventional system in a way but working really hard. This is a very inspiring environment to be immersed in, we all bounce ideas between ourselves and offer support and encouragement. We are all in the same boat, working for ourselves!

Please take a look my portfolio here and let me know your thoughts! 

Tasha x


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