How yoga has influenced my creativity


A big part of my daily life as an artist is maintaining a regular yoga practice. As a creative person I feel I have a lot of creative energy and yoga helps me to ground this energy resulting in positive changes to my body and my work.  When I feel comfortable and relaxed, I have much more confidence in myself and a strong drive to be creative.

I have had many difficulties which have physically affected me, including a car crash and horse accidents. On some evenings out, I wouldn’t want to dance as I felt so disconnected with my body. Two years later, through a regular practice of yoga, I now feel more comfortable in my own physical structure. 

Since disciplining myself in my yoga practice I have also found the most amazing changes to my creativity. I used to struggle to channel my creative energy into something productive but now I feel the energy is much more channelled. I can go into my studio and focus on what I need to do. All of the other distractions which used to hold me back, have since vanished and I am now a lot more focused on the task in hand.

I also find that I can do more in less time. A painting which used to take me two weeks, now only takes me around a week to complete. I have noticed that I don’t allow myself to be distracted so easily and I think this is the main reason I am able to sustain my concentration and work intensively.

By using my breath, I am able to release areas of tension in my body and, because the mind and body are so connected, this creates amazing changes in the way I mentally and emotionally perceive things.

Through my yoga practice I have developed a greater sense of trust in myself. When creating a piece of art one needs to trust the process, trust that the hands and brushes are guiding you to the right places. I think my yoga practice has helped enhance this trust in my own creative ability. This manifests itself in the quality of my art work.

I have come to the conclusion that I can accredit my daily yoga practice for  the positive changes I am seeing in my life and business. I find the biggest challenge is disciplining myself to get up every morning and practice. As long as I keep up the momentum, everything else just falls into place. It’s all about the practice.


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