How to choose artwork for your home

This may seem obvious but it is a good idea to initially identify the room (or rooms) in your house in which you wish to house art work. You can then start to identify potential practical limitations or advantages such as high ceilings or narrow doorways.

Next, it’s a good idea to look at the current aesthetics of the room, such as the room colour and type of furniture it houses. You should of course also take into account the functionality of the room, for example if it is a bedroom you may wish to house a calm painting, if it’s a living room then you may be able to house a painting that is bolder or bigger. In any instance it’s important that the painting or artwork fits in the room both aesthetically (and practically!).

It goes without saying that you have to love the artwork or be particularly drawn to it in order to purchase it and display it in your home, but if you have a particular request or an unusual space and you are finding it challenging to source the right artwork then you may be able to commission the perfect piece with an artist of your choice.

My most preferred way to approach a commission is to come and see the space in which the painting is to occupy and create a piece of work that is inspired by the space itself. This special touch infiltrates the paintings hence making it more personal and even more perfect for the space which it will occupy.

In the below example, the colours in my painting ‘Tuscany 1’ marry well with the contemporary sofa and colourful cushions. The neutral interior provides a great backdrop.


As the room is quite neutral, my client wanted a bright piece to add a pop of colour to the room so that she could maintain the minimal aesthetic whilst highlighting the colour choices of her interior. 

FullSizeRender-5 FullSizeRender-4

The bold colours in ‘Squares’ work well in this study/ living room while the angular shapes mirror the shape of the book case and picture frames adjacent to it.


In the below open plan living room, ‘Indian Dream 2’ becomes the focal point in the room and is a good match with the grey corner sofa.


If you are interested in commissioning a piece for your space please contact me at

Click here to view more of my artwork 

Natasha Jade  x


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